Controlled (delayed) Release Drug Delivery

Scientec Research Pty Ltd is an Australian biotechnology company specialising in provision of contract research, development and commercialisation services in Drug Formulating and Controlled (delayed) Release Drug Delivery technologies.


To be effective many pharmaceuticals must be administered according to exacting and occasionally complex regimes. Many subjects react badly to the pain caused by, for example, repeated injections. Additionally, treatments involving a repeated course of injections are often not done correctly. Factors affecting compliance include; (i) the direct, and increasing, costs of treatment, (ii) indirect productivity losses, and (iii) inconvenience. In veterinary medicine specifically, this can lead to loss of animals or animal condition and financial loss for producers.

Scientec has developed and patented a reliable, efficient and profitable way to manufacture Controlled (delayed) Release Drug 'devices' en masse, providing a solution to problems which others have hitherto been unable to solve. Scientec's technologies, the capabilities of which are outlined in this website, offer a significant commercial opportunity to appropriate collaborators and investors.

Scientec's objective is to exploit its proprietary Controlled Release technology, initially for veterinary and subsequently for human applications. Scientec can provide (i) manufacture, and supply under licence, of equipment and materials for the large scale production of Controlled Release 'devices', and (ii) licensing of know-how for use of equipment and materials in Controlled Release applications.


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