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Scientec Research Pty Ltd is an Australian 'biotech' research and development company. Scientec has developed its own technology in drug delivery and controlled release. This technology is the product of an extensive in house development program, augmented by strategic collaboration with selected University Departments and SME businesses within Australia. Scientec's success in marketing its R&D services has resulted in projects with a number of leading Australian academic and industrial research groups, including:

Scientec's core strength is its application of technical expertise and project management skills for the reduction to practice of laboratory protocols. In simple terms, taking R&D models and developing operational and pilot scale prototypes. The experience of Scientec's personnel extends through all stages of product and process development from research grant application and product development to full scale process implementation and marketing of technologies

For further details, contact:

Dr. Michael O'Donoghue
Managing Director
Scientec Research Pty Ltd
71 Yarra Street, WARRANDYTE 3113 Victoria, Australia
Phone [Mobile]:+61 (0)409 931 886
Facsimile: +61 (0)3 9844 2076
e mail:



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