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Proof of Concept Trials

For the POC studies (internal and independent), we have worked with three 'drug' types and with a primary focus on pulsatile release.

We have, however, been involved in work targeting sustained delivery subsequent to a delay of release. Specifically, the pulsatile delivery programs have entailed work with:

  1. brilliant blue and methylene blue, water soluble 'pharmaceuticals' which are useful for studies of release in vitro and in vivo (respectively);
  2. vaccine antigens, through comparing the effectiveness of the immune response obtained from Controlled Release delivery of antigenic materials (results comparable to "standard" immunisation protocols); and
  3. the high potency anthelmintic Ivermectin.

The sustained release studies have mostly been with the high potency anthelmintic Ivermectin. However, we have been collaborating in development of sustained release 'hormone devices' for application in sheep and pigs using the combined effects from 'drug formulating' and the Controlled Release 'devices' to affect alterations to the hormones pharmaco kinetic profiles.

Biodegradable Vaccine Implant Trials

Trial A:   21 day Controlled Release Vaccine Formulation in Sheep
Trial B:   25 and 100 day Controlled Release Vaccine study in Cattle

Biodegradable Anthelmintic Delivery Trial

Trial C:   42 and 150 day Controlled Release Anthelmintic in Sheep

Repeatability and Reproducibility

in vitro and in vivo Sentinel Monitoring trials


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