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Biodegradable Vaccine Implant: Trial B

A 25 and 100 day Controlled Release Vaccine study in Cattle

Figures 8 & 9 represent data from a second independent POC evaluation of the Scientec technology. In this cattle study an anti-metabolite antigen formulation was administered. Figure 8 shows the mean anti-metabolite antibody response over time for the Control 2 dose liquid formulation and the Experimental group that received a priming 'naked' solid dose of vaccine at day 0, together with a dose of the solid antigen in a 25 day and a 100 day CRD. While the CRD vaccine did not reach the peak titres of the 2 dose liquid formulation, the response persisted at significant titres for a similar period of time.

Figure 8: Mean anti metabolite antibody responses against time of Control cattle given 2 liquid doses of vaccine on days 0, 25 and 100, compared to the Test group that received 3 doses of solid vaccine, one naked, one in a day 25 CRD and one in a day 100 CRD, all on day 0.


To evaluate the biological significance of the anti-metabolite responses, the plasma levels of metabolite was measured in both groups. The geometric mean metabolite concentration was suppressed in both the Control and Test groups for a similar period of time (Figure 9). The data show bioavailability from the CR formulations, with the responses to the antigens from the CR formulations being comparable (not significantly different) to those obtained from the Positive Controls. Parallel studies in mice corroborated these data.

Figure 9: Mean Metabolite levels over time of cattle receiving 3 doses of the liquid formulation 'Control vaccine' and the 'Test' cattle that received day 25 and day 100 CRD vaccine together with a 'naked' solid dose of vaccine at day 0.



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