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Biodegradable Anthelmintic Delivery: Trial C

42 and 150 day Controlled Release Anthelmintic in Sheep

A third independent POC evaluation of the Scientec technology is a sheep trial with three doses of an anthelmintic formulation targeting delay of release times of 0, 42 and 150 days. Figure 10 shows the plasma concentration of anthelmintic over time in the Control group receiving conventional liquid doses at days 0, 42 and 150, while Figure 11 shows the plasma levels of anthelmintic in sheep implanted on day 0 with the 42 day and 150 day CRD's together with a 'naked' solid dose of anthelmintic. The data show bioavailability from the 'naked' solid dose (day 0) and from both of the CRD formulations (i.e. at days 42 and 150). Although the peak plasma levels of anthelmintic were not as high as those in sheep receiving the liquid formulation, the shoulders of the peaks were broader and provided sustained plasma levels of anthelmintic. The CRD formulation suppressed faecal egg counts in the treated sheep, as compared to untreated sheep, for over 200 days.

Figure 10: Anthelmintic levels in Control sheep receiving liquid doses of drug at days 0, 42 and 150.

Figure 11: Anthelmintic levels in Test sheep receiving a 'naked' solid dose and 42 & 150 day CRD's at day 0.



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